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Capital Improvements

What are capital improvements?

Capital improvements are typically new construction or reconstruction projects that add or restore City infrastructure. Public Works projects can have a focus on transportation, storm and surface water management or both. Capital improvement projects include features like vehicle travel lanes, sidewalks, bike lanes, intersections, and stormwater treatments.

How does the City choose Capital Improvement projects?

The list of capital improvement projects is typically determined from a long-range planning process culminating in the City's Comprehensive Plan.  That list is further refined into a Transportation Improvement Plan and Stormwater Capital Improvement Plan through interactions with City Council, public input, and asset management monitoring.

How does the City develop capital improvement projects?

Once it is determined that a project should move forward, staff will work with City Council, the community, consultants/contractors, and sometimes other agencies to develop engineering plans and construct the project. This process could take anywhere from a few months to years depending on the complexity of the project and funding availability. 

How is the public involved in capital improvement projects?

Public participation is an important element in all phases of a capital project, from planning to construction to long term maintenance.

If you see a need for a capital project, please get engaged in the process through review of the planning documents described above, discussion with City Council and with staff.

If you have the time, please fill out this short questionnaire to help us gather demographic information to improve the public involvement process: Title VI Public Involvement Form

Active Capital Improvement Projects

The following is a list of planned or active capital improvement projects managed by the Public Works Department: