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Public Works After-hours Dispatch

(425) 295 0700

Parks and Recreation

Administrative Assistant

Sharon Garcia
(425) 952 2115

The Maintenance and Operations Division of Public Works is responsible for maintaining the City’s roads and stormwater management system, including: 

  • 415 lane miles of city streets,
  • over 12,000 storm drains, and
  • 458 stormwater facilities.

The maintenance division serves our community regularly by:

  • clearing snow and ice from our streets;
  • clearing trees that fall in the right-of-way;
  • managing maintenance contracts to oversee stormwater pond mowing and maintenance;
  • repairing damaged sidewalks; and
  • responding to spills.

Have a concern about our roads, storm drains, or trees in the roadway or sidewalk? The fastest and easiest way to let us know is to fill out a request on MySammamish. For all emergencies, call 9-1-1.

Street Sweeping & Storm Pond Mowing
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Waste Disposal & Spills
format_color_fill Waste Disposal and Spills