National Citizen Survey

The City of Sammamish is once again asking residents to participate in The National Citizen Survey™. The National Citizen Survey™ is designed to provide a baseline of how the City government is serving residents, to gauge perceptions of the city and the municipal government, and to make comparisons with peer cities. The City of Sammamish first participated in The National Citizen Survey™ in 2016. The current survey, scheduled to arrive in randomly selected mailboxes in August, will allow for the City to view community trends and perceptions over time.


The National Citizen Survey™ (The NCS™) was among the first scientific surveys developed to gather resident opinion on a range of community issues, and has been used in more than 350 jurisdictions across 46 states. The NCS™ is a cost-effective scientific survey of resident opinion and an important benchmarking tool that allows for comparison among communities.

The NCS Community Livability Report - Sammamish

The NCS Dashboard - Sammamish

The NCS Demographic Crosstabs - Sammamish

The NCS Geographic Crosstabs - Sammamish

The NCS Technical Appendices - Sammamish

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