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Engineering Technician

Lisa Werre
(425) 295 0573

How to Start

Review the Adopt-a-Pond Policy and Procedures and complete the Adopt-a-Pond Policy and Procedures and Application.

What is a stormwater pond?

Stormwater ponds collect runoff before it enters our storm sewer system. This is important since the storm sewer system flows directly into creeks, lakes, and ultimately Puget Sound. Properly functioning stormwater ponds increase storage capacity, decrease flooding, improve water quality, and create habitats for wildlife.

The Adopt-A-Pond program partners with residents to improve water quality, wildlife habitat, and the appearance of stormwater retention ponds.

Program activities can include:

  • Invasive plant removal;
  • Native plantings;
  • Pond cleanup events; and
  • Neighborhood outreach and education.

Eligibility and Fees

  • There are no fees;
  • The city must own the pond;
  • No wetlands or protected conservation areas are allowed in the program; and
  • The pond group must:
    • Submit an Adopt-A-Pond application;
    • Demonstrate a commitment to fully participate in the program; and
    • Maintain their pond.


  • A more attractive, landscaped pond;
  • Wildlife habitat;
  • Expert guidance;
  • Free native pond plants – based on availability; and
  • Information and resources to help prevent pollution.