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Storm Drain Volunteer Programs

Engineering Technician

Lisa Werre
(425) 295 0573
Adopt-a-storm-drain. Protect local waterways. Sign up! Clipart icon of a drain with water going over it.

Storm Drain Marking Program

Storm drain marking is a way to inform residents of the connection between stormwater runoff and their yards, roads, and nearby waterways. Residents are cautioned not to dispose of things like gardening chemicals, grease, soap, oils, etc., into the storm drains by the following message “Only Rain Down the Drain,” displayed next to storm drains.  

This is a great activity for any volunteer organization, including schools, scouts, churches, block clubs, and service organizations (e.g., Boy Scouts).

The City of Sammamish is promoting the storm drain marking program throughout the city. For more information about the program, email Lisa Werre at or contact her at (425) 295-0573.

Adopt a Storm Drain

Clean leaves and debris from storm drains to prevent localized flooding. City crews work to clear storm drains, but with 12,000 drains in Sammamish, we could use your help! With your assistance, we can keep streets safe and clear and reduce property damage caused by flooding.

Keep leaves and debris out of storm drains

  • Check storm drain grates and the surrounding area frequently to ensure they are free of leaves and debris.
  • Rake leaves away from storm drains and gutters near your house or business and dispose of leaves in your yard waste container or compost bin.
  • Do not remove the grate from the storm drain opening – this does not unclog the system and creates a hazard for everyone.
  • Do not rake or blow leaves from your property into the streets. Our street sweeper cannot pick up large piles of leaves. It is also a violation of the Sammamish Municipal Code and could result in a warning or even a fine.