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1. Please let me know where you advertised for the Police Service Study and for how long it was posted.

2. Also, please share the names of the other firms and their submitted proposals and the date they were submitted.

3. I would also like a vote breakdown of why EagleRec didn't get the proposal and the people who voted against using EagleRec for this study.

4. I would like to have public access to everything you allow your chosen firm to use for their report, if anything is sent to them, I want it sent to my firm as well.

5. Please send me all contracts between the City of Sammamaish and King County.

6. Please send me all contracts between the City of Sammamaish and King County Sheriff's Department.

7. Please give to me a break down of all full time Sammamish police officers, their pay and their rankings for the last five years.

8. Please give to me a list of all Sheriff Officers who have worked for the City of Sammamish for the last five years.

9. Please give me a hourly and yearly pay for Sammaish Officers as well as what the city pays the Sheriff's. -I was told they get time and a half. Please write down exact numbers of what Sammamish pays the contracted officers. I will ask for more later. Everything that is given to the Police Study Firm, please give to me as well.

Thank you, Layna Crofts

UPDATE: Also requesting all payments given to King County Sheriff's Department by Sammamish for the last five years including check numbers, date, vendor, etc.

Status Detail

2/16/18: Forwarded request to Mike Sugg for his follow-up and response. LH 2/21/18: Forwarded response from Mike Sugg to Items # 1, #2 and #3. Item # 4 will need to be resubmitted once BERK has made a request for documents. Item# 5 and # 6 have be sent via HIGHTAIL. All King County Contracts. Item # 7, #8 and #9 need to be requested from King County Sheriff's Office - KCSO Records Unit. 3/7/18: emailed payment spreadsheet from Finance for the last 5 years to KCSO. LH 3/12/18 - Sent requested records for past 5 years of payments to KCSO. - TCM 3/19/18: Ms. Crofts emailed today requesting if # 9 has been sent. Reply by email that information must be requested at KCSO and resent the 5 year monthly payment schedule. LH