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Layna Crofts

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Hello, Could I please get:

1. all police settlement documents.

2. 2014 Guild settlement documents.

3. All specialty services orders for the police for the last five years. 

4. What Sammamish ordered the police department to do for the PGA golf tournament in 2016; who wanted the golf tour in Sammamish, all emails around this issue? Documents of any money being paid to Sammamish for having the tour in this city. Documents of any money to pay Sammamish back for the tour in Sammamish. 

5. Why does 2017 have a discretionary fee for the 4th of July police use, but the other years don't have this charge?

6. What does "traffic control" entail and why is there an extra fee for this on 11/07/2017 and why is it the only one billed as traffic control? Thanks! Layna

UPDATE: Clarification received for items #1-2 - requesting any records Sammamish has regarding these, apart from what KSCO may have.

Status Detail

3/12/18 - Provided expected completion date of May 15, 2018 - TCM 3/15/18: downloaded emails from Microsoft exchange relating to 2016 PGA event. Researched documents relating to PGA on P:drive and as attachments to the emails. LH (2 hours) 4/5/18: Reviewed emails from download. (2 hours) 4/25/18: Final review of emails and created a PDF. (1 hour) 5/1/18: Review emails for requests for Off-duty officers. LH (2 hours) 5/3/18 - Sent email stating that records are available for pick-up at City Hall on the USB drive requestor requested. Closed request. - TCM