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Layna Crofts

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Repeat: I request all city dealings; building approvals or denials; contracts; funding lunches, gifts, etc; emails that city staff or city council board members have had with: MATTHEW SAMWICK or any of his businesses or partners. How does Sammamish know that Peter Brennan is Matthew Samwick's partner? What due diligence has the City done on Peter Brennan? Does Sammamish City know that Matthew Samwick has a history of fraud? Please list all monies and or invoices given (or promised) to Matthew Samwick, and or his affiliations. Thanks! Layna

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3/12/18 - Provided expected completion date of July 6, 2018. - TCM 4/4/18 - Request point #1 was a duplicate of the request from PRR #1968. All emails (non-exempt and attorney reviewed) have all been provided. Points 2 & 3 are not requests for records. No responsive records were located for point #4. Request is now closed as all responsive records have been provided. - TCM