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Max Martinez

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Please provide any building permits and records related to activity use/planning/zoning limitations, hazardous materials, above/underground storage tanks, and documented releases for the following addresses: - 310 228th Avenue SE - 22610-22704 SE 4th Street (even addresses only) Thank you!

CLARIFICATION: Sorry, but our client was a bit sloppy with the addresses that they provided us. Please swap 310 228th Avenue SE on my previous request for 301 228th Avenue SE. Thanks again!

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5/9/18 - Clarification received under PRR #2148 added to this request with 2148 being closed. Provided expected completion date of May 25, 2018. - TCM 5/23/18 - Emailed with request for clarification. If not received by June 23, 2018, will process request for records for the following parcels: 7527050010, 7527050020, 3298670000. New expected completion date to be provided after clarification received. - TCM 5/23/18 - Closed request as this request was later added to under request #2147. The correction from PRR #2148 was in relation to 2147, not 2146 which 2147 was meant to replace. #2147 will be the request tying all three requests together. - TCM