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Angie Schmidt

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PRA2018-00138 FEAS2018-00019 FEAS2017-00984 ELC2017-03393 SEL2017-00370 FEAS2017-00325 DOC2017-01282 FEAS2016-00244 TR2015-01298 BLD2014-02346 BLD2014-02171 BLD2010-00242

CLARIFICATION: "I would like copies of any site plans, proposals, permits and information such as inquiries, notes, correspondence, and feasibility recommendations the City may have on file with regard to use of King County Parks East Lake Sammamish Trail (ELST) corridor right of way adjacent to the Peck property (PIN 3225069241). I do not need copies of anything that is solely and entirely located on private property such as a dock permit. I only need what may have been proposed, discussed, or permitted on public land in the ELST corridor. I hope this helps clarify.

If it is easier, I am glad to come to the City and review files and request copies of what may be relevant. I am hoping to keep it as simple as possible for you. "

Status Detail

9/13/18 - Sent email requesting clarification of what records are being sought for the permit numbers listed. Received clarification and provided expected completion date of October 19, 2018. - TCM 10/3/18 - Sent records via Hightail. Requested confirmation that the request has been met or whether additional records for specific permit numbers were requested. Will keep request open until 11/2/18. - TCM 11/5/18 - Did not receive a response from the requestor in past 30 days. Assume request has been satisfied and closed request. - TCM