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Calan DeWald

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Hi, I would like to request any emails, letters, communication, or additional documentation having to do with code compliance complaints, or code violations surrounding the properties located at: 4604, 4606, 4608, 4610, 4616, 4620 & 4630. In the interest of time, I am most specifically interested in any emails, letters, or other communication having to do with complaints against construction/improvements or conduct at 4604 E Lk Sammamish Pkwy NE. Additionally, any code violations or citations given in the past five years to any of the above addresses. The purpose of this request is to assist in a private civil matter having to do with shared easements and construction.

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3/27/19 - Provided first installment of records via Hightail. Second and final installment expected by May 24, 2019. - TCM 5/24/19 - Send responsive emails via Hightail. Provided new expected completion date of June 21, 2019. - TCM 5/28/19 - Requestor confirmed that request has been fulfilled so closed it. - TCM