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Any and all documents pertaining tom the drainage issues in the Tlinget development. Parcel #3225069042 Tax-ID # 322506-9042 The Berg Property has been owned by the family since 1955 . I need extensive documentation of what exactly is the issue with the drainage through this property during the last 5 years.Specifically, we need documentation pertaining to any and all reasons why developers have been unable to begin developing this property. I need to know what the city has done to address the issue, what they have done in the surrounding areas ( above) as far as development is concerned.

CLARIFICATION: In addition to records regarding drainage in the Tlinget development, also include records regarding drainage in the Tamarack Drainage Improvements project as well as any records relating to drainage in the portion of George Davis Creek that exists in the Tlinget development.  ...  We will need any and all drainage reports.

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4/15/19-5 day response sent estimated completion date 5/16/19. AK 5/16/19 - Provided first installment via Hightail. Second installment date provided for 6/14/19. Final completion date provided for 11/1/19. Received and noted clarification. - TCM 6/7/19 - Provided revised expected next installment date for 6/18/19. - TCM 6/17/19 - Provided a second installment of records via Hightail and provided next installment and/or update date of 7/12/19. - TCM 7/16/19 - Sent installment 4 via Hightail. Installment 5 expected by September 27, 2019. - TCM 7/22/19 - Re-provided links to installments 3 & 4 in Hightail. - TCM 8/5/19 - Provided all records previously provided to date via Hightail. - TCM 8/6/19 - Provided additional installment of records. Next installment expected by 9/27/19. - TCM 9/4/19 - Sent final installment of records via Hightail and closed request. - TCM