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Reza Dadkhah

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complicated situation we would like all records pertaining to my family's property (parcel # 1240100007), especially those involved with the development (subdivision ) of parcel # 1240100005 which is the lot directly behind us. They are trying to do a subdivision and they are currently doing a feasibility study (I have heard from the city clerk) and trying to do a property line adjustment??? We also need the name of the planner and or project manager associated with this project as soon as possible. We found out they are trying to take part of our property as theirs and need to know what is going on so we can look into it further. The name of the planner is very important. The clerk said as of now the original planner was no longer there and they don't see anyone being assigned to the project as of yet.

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6/5/19: sent all documents from TRAKIT relating to Parcels via HIGHTAIL. Emailed that there are no planners currently assigned to any projects as there are nothing open. LH