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Jim Grady

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I would like to get copies of all of the documents related to the structures built on this property. If there are other documents related to this property I would like to understand what they are. Thanks, Jim

CLARIFICATION: I am looking for land use and permitting docs...anything related to that.

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6/7/19 - Emailed requesting clarification. If none received to narrow or focus the request, provided expected first installment date of 8/2/19 and expected completion date of 11/1/19. - TCM 6/7/19 - Received clarification. Provided expected first installment date of 6/28. - TCM 6/26/19 - Sent first installment of records via Hightail. - TCM 6/27/19 - Sent second installment via email. - TCM 7/8/19 - Provided update to request. - TCM 7/9/19 - Amy sent final installment via email. - TCM 7/10/19 - Closed request. - TCM