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All documents, including but not limited to, all records, e-mails, letters, correspondence, files, notes, statements, memoranda, or minutes of meetings, photographs, video, written reports, contracts, agreements, reports, study, maps, drawings and data sheets, including information recorded and stored electronically, regarding: Shoreline Substantial Development Permit Application for East Lake Sammamish Trail Segment 2B (SSDP2016-00415), Inglewood Hill Parking Lot (SSDP2016-00414), South Sammamish Plan B 60% Design Plan and the Mint Grove residential area located on East Lake Sammamish Shore Lane SE. This request includes all communications from the following individuals: Vicki Tsilas, Demetri Koutrouvelis, Nick Tsilas, Jane Tsilas, Vern and Jeannie Lindquist, Bob and Ann Christensen, Doug and Lori Birrell, Mike and Sara Mathy, Mike and Christi Hettich, Jeff and Julie Gelfuso, Art and Julie Schoenstadt, Ted and Lisa Buck and Grace Easley. This request includes documents from January 1, 2013 to present.

CLARIFICATION 1: Seek all records for each project listed, including but not limited to the individuals listed.

CLARIFICATION 2: Mainly want communications from people I mentioned, so if you can focus first installment or two on those (some of which I have seen online) that would be ideal!

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7/17/19 - Sought clarification. Provided expected first installment date of 9/27/19. - TCM 7/18/19 - Clarification received. - TCM 9/27/19 - Sent email informing of first installment. Attempted to send via Microsoft OneDrive but was ultimately unsuccessful. - TCM 9/30/19 - Attempted to send files via Hightail. - TCM 10/8/19 - Requestor informed that he did not receive files from Hightail. - TCM 10/9/19 - Provided links to Hightail files. - TCM 10/16/19 - Provided installment 2 via Hightail with atty-reviewed records originally identified in Installment 1. - TCM 10/30/19 - Requestor requested request to be placed on hold. - TCM 12/3/19 - Closed request per Requestor's request. - TCM