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Please provide the job descriptions for the following individuals as they existed at the time that the Union Representation Petition was filed by the Washington State Council of County and City Employees on May 16, 2019. Melonie Anderson, Avril Baty, Steven Chin, Tawni Dalziel, Jennifer Dille, Chris Gianini, Kellye Hilde, Janie Jackson, Dan Johnson, Chris Jordan, Mile Keller, Miriam Laytner, Anjali Myer, Stephen Noeske, David Pyle, Tonya Rock, Andrew Stevens, Bud Steward, Mike Sugg, Cynthia Tiwana, Andrew Zagars, Reecha Ahuja, Sharon Gavin, Drew Noble, and Lori Wile.

CLARIFICATION: "What my original request is asking for is the job descriptions for the positions held by the individuals [in my original request]... that existed at the time the Representation Petition was filed."

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8/15/19 - Emailed requestor and provided expected completion date of 8/29/19. - TCM 8/16/19 - Received clarification from Requestor. Informed HR and City Attorney's Office of clarification. - TCM 8/28/19 - Sent responsive records and closed request. - TCM