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Paul Stickney

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I am requesting all the 2019 traffic tube count numbers collected by the city of Sammamish earlier in the year. (I believe May ish?

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9/5/19 - Requested whether interested in the draft or approved copy along with expected availability dates of them. If not response by 10/7/19, provide approved copy. - TCM 9/17/19 - Provided installment 1 containing draft records. Final copies expected by end of month. - TCM 10/4/19: Sent completed review of 2019 ADT counts (not for turning movement counts yet) via Hightail. Waiting for the location that needs to be re-done at #48 – 212th Ave SE south of SE 8th St. LH 10/11/19 - Resent installment 1 via Hightail. - TCM 10/16/19 - Sent installment 2 via Hightail and closed request. - TCM 10/28/19 - Sent revised counts as a courtesy. - TCM