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Tillie O’Neal

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1. Current salaries for all personnel. Please include Name, job title and job descriptions for each employee excluding the City Manager.


2.Provide a list of all personnel who’s job position has been reclassified for all years starting from 2014-present year, including the number of reclassifications for each employee, the date of each job reclassification, any and all records, emails, payroll change orders or any pertinent approvals authorizing the change.

Status Detail

9/26/19 - Provided first installment via Hightail and expected second installment date of December 20, 2019. - TCM 12/17/19 - Provided second installment via Hightail and expected third installment date of January 10, 2020. - TCM 1/7/20 - Provided new third installment date of Feb 21, 2020. - TCM 2/21/20 - Provided new third installment date of Mar 27, 2020. - TCM 3/26/20 - Provided third installment via Hightail. Fourth installment expected May 4, 2020. - TCM 3/26/20 - Provided fourth and final installment via Hightail. Closed request. - TCM