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John Farleigh

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Please provide short plat documents related to the three lot short plat that occurred at 3411 228th Ave SE. Project occurred around 2015. Specifically, we are interested in Civil Plans, Drainage Report, and Goetechnical Report. Thanks! John

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9/26/19: Emailed and sent documents from TRAKIT via HIGHTAIL. Requested if he would like to retrieve a file from Iron Mt. DCD533 with the FSHP2015-00078 docs. LH - response needed by October 26, 2019. 9/30/19: Mr. Farleigh requested the City retrieve DCD533 from archives. Should arrive on Oct. 3, 2019. LH 9/30/19: Located a copy of the POP short plat TIR and emailed to requestor. LH