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Tashna Crooks

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We represent Field Rush Homeowners Association in a king county lawsuit. We would like to request records from the post master and post office asking for all documents related to any mailbox replacement, correspondence relating to the properties near 2903 233rd Ave SE, Sammamish in Field Rush. Including but not limited to any mailbox replacement they've done, or notification from neighbors or city re relocation of any mailboxes. Please go back as far as 1991. Including but not limited to communications relating to Audobon/Timbercrest/ Field Rush neighborhood in Sammamish, WA, Field Rush or Audubon HOA, mailboxes located in these neighborhoods, and mailboxes located adjacent to 2903 233rd Ave SE, Sammamish, WA from 1991 to present.

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4/1/2021- Sent documents via Hightail. AK