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Nicholas Sherbina

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For tax parcel number 752590-0300 (street address 2200 E Lake Sammamish Pkwy NE), any records from June 2021 to present pertaining to City code violations, including but not limited to (1) clearing and grading or other development activities without a permit, (2) development activities without a required critical area review, (3) violations of stop work orders, (4) violations pertaining to unpermitted work in the public right-of-way, (5) the City's enforcement actions regarding any of the above, including fines, and (6) any orders or other requirement by the City for the owner to restore the site. The original case number from 2019 for related activities at the site was CVC2019-00034, although there could be a new or additional case number for the more recent activity.

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7/30/2021- Sent email asking for clarification. AK 8/4/2021- Sent documents via Hightail. Next installment due 9/17/2021. AK 9/13/2021- Sent first atty email installment, next due 10/22/2021. AK 10/15/2021- Sent final installment. AK