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Records for parcel 2025069091 permits. I need files showing the City records for the permits issued for the dock. The SSDP from the City SSDP2019-00378 that was initially denied and later approved following a hearing in front of the Shoreline Hearing Board (SHB). The only records I show in still shows this permit as denied. Please provide any documentation regarding this SSDP and when it was sent to the DOE along with the SSDP number issued by the DOE. If the applicants opted to use another SSDP because of the conditions placed on the current permit please provide the information and any other documents associated with any permit issued in place of the previous permit. I also need copies of all documentation provided for and details for the building permit, DOC2021-02034, including the required Joint Use Agreement along with where and when it was recorded. Please include all copies of any records supplied to the City of Sammamish from the other departments for the dock: Fish and Wild life, Army Corp of Engineers, Department of Ecology(DOE) and Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Thank you!

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10/20/21- Sent documents. AK