212th Way SE (Snake Hill) Repair


The proposed 212th Way SE project is a repair and rehabilitation project to stabilize the road embankment.  The section requiring stabilization is approximately 2,800 feet in length starting near 212th Ave SE at the top of the hill and extending southwest.

The project includes a full reconstruction of the road through the embankment stabilization section - including two travel lanes, paved shoulders, curb and gutter, a storm water system.  The remaining 1,400 feet length between East Lake Sammamish Parkway and stabilization portion will not be reconstructed but will receive a new pavement surface and new guardrail.

Construction Update

Schedule Notice - Unanticipated construction conditions for the 212th Way SE improvements project have caused delays and increased work effort extending the construction timeline through the winter. The roadway is expected to open in the spring of 2018.

Footage of the work site was recorded in early October and can be viewed here.

In the end of April, a call for bids went out for construction and in May J R Hayes & Sons was selected to construct the project.

June was full of paper work and project scheduling to get materials, labor and equipment lined up for the project. In July the construction crew began on the work for repairing 212th Way SE. Much of the early part of July focused on getting erosion control measures in place and clearing the vegetation from the slopes to be reconstructed. The second half of July will see construction starting on the retaining walls and the southerly portion of the reinforced earth slopes.

August will see continued effort to install retaining walls and reinforced earth slopes to support the roadway. Additionally, installation of the storm water pipe system will begin.

The construction crews will be working extended work weeks, Monday thru Saturday to complete the project which is scheduled for completion in November of 2017.

September 22nd Construction Flyer

October 9th Construction Flyer

Public Involvement

An open house meeting was held June 11, 2015 to discuss the project.
Public Meeting Postcard Mailing for 212Wy Jun 2015

Below is a compilation of comments from the meeting.
212th Way 061115 Open House Comments.pdf

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