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Sammamish Town Center (not licensed)
The treehouse at Big Rock Park, with a platform built around a tall cedar and access bridges to the platform

Video Time Capsule

  • What is your favorite memory or experience of Sammamish?
  • How has Sammamish shaped or influenced your life, and what makes it a unique place to live?
  • If you could send a message to future generations who may view this video, what advice or insight would you share about life in Sammamish in 2024?

As the City of Sammamish gears up to celebrate its 25th anniversary, community members are invited to participate in a unique project that will capture life in Sammamish. The city is launching a Video Time Capsule initiative to document the diverse experiences and cherished memories of those who call Sammamish home.

The Video Time Capsule project presents an exciting opportunity for community members to contribute their stories, reflections, and aspirations for our future. Whether you've been a longtime neighbor or recently joined the Sammamish family, your voice and perspective are valued and welcomed.

The project is designed to be inclusive and accessible to all. Participants can share their stories by recording short videos at designated booths during key city events or submitting videos online or via email. The booths will be available at various events throughout the year, including Lunar New Year, Earth Day, Rig-A-Palooza, and the 4th on the Plateau celebration.

Follow this link to submit a video online.

The video prompt questions encourage participants to reflect on their favorite memories of Sammamish, how the city has shaped their lives, and the advice they would offer to future generations who may view the time capsule. These prompts provide a framework for capturing the community's richness and diversity of experiences.

Selected video submissions will be compiled and edited into a longer video showcased online and at a special event on August 16, 2024, commemorating Sammamish's 25th anniversary. The video will serve as a testament to Sammamish's collective identity and spirit, celebrating its past, present, and future.

Community members who choose to participate will be required to complete photo authorizations, granting the city permission to use their content not only for the time capsule project but also for social media, newsletters, and other web content.

This is a wonderful opportunity for Sammamish to connect, celebrate, and preserve our unique stories and experiences for generations. By contributing to the Video Time Capsule, you play an integral role in shaping the narrative of our vibrant community.

Don't miss your chance to be a part of Sammamish's history! Share your story, inspire others, and help create a lasting legacy for our city's 25th anniversary. Let's make this Video, Time Capsule, a reflection of the diverse and vibrant community we call home.