Land Acquisition Strategy & Implementation Policy


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Study Overview:

The City of Sammamish is developing a land acquisition strategy to proactively acquire more land to serve public needs. The City is focused not only on developing new parks and trails, but also on capturing the environmental benefits of preserving natural resources, wildlife corridors, and tree canopy. In part, this strategy has been prompted by growing concerns in the community about rapid residential growth. The strategy will guide near-term and long-term acquisition activities to support the community’s growth and diverse needs and interests. 

The aim of this first phase will be to arrive at a strategy for selection of property to be purchased and develop an implementation policy for City Council to adopt by the summer of 2017. We are commencing this process with a brief Virtual Town Hall to solicit preliminary input from residents. There will be several other opportunities to provide input, including a statistically valid survey later next month. Please visit the Timeline tab for more information on upcoming Public Meetings, City Council Discussions and Parks & Recreation Commssion Meetings.


Incorporated in August 1999, the City of Sammamish is home to more than 63,000 people, with a land area of 23.5 square miles. Since the City’s incorporation, the park system alone has grown from 44 acres to over 724 acres. Growth has come from transfers, purchases and generous private donations.

While land acquisition has always been a goal of the City, there is no outlined strategy or adopted policy in place. The 2017-2022 Parks Capital Improvement Plan adopted by City Council in July 2016, identified land acquisition as a high priority and allocated a total of $13 million for land acquisition over the next six years, with $7 million of that amount available in the year 2017.

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