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Sammamish Town Center (not licensed)

Hazel Wolf Culvert Improvement Project

Public Works

Associate Stormwater Engineer

Jayden Abrams
(425) 295 0551

Project Description

This project intends to replace an undersized culvert to enhance fish passage, increase flow capacity, and reduce flooding on W Beaver Lake Drive.

Project Background

The Laughing Jacob Creek gracefully intersects with W. Beaver Lake Drive in Sammamish, Washington. As it flows towards the road, the creek follows its natural path, winding its way through the surrounding landscape. When it reaches W. Beaver Lake Drive, the creek crosses the road via a simple culvert pipe. Simple culverts such as pipes often lack fish passage and are frequently undersized, posing significant obstacles to the movement of fish and causing flooding during the wet season. Recognizing this issue, efforts are being made to retrofit or replace these culverts with designs that better accommodate fish migration and increase the flow capacity. By improving fish passage, we can help sustain healthy fish populations and ensure the vitality of our aquatic ecosystems.


Planning May 2024
Design  August 2024
Construction Summer 2026