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228th Avenue Overlay - SE 8th St To NE 8th St

Map of project corridor of the 228th project
Vicinity Map - The project extends from SE 8th Street to NE 8th Street.

This project will replace the top layer of pavement on 228th Avenue from SE 8th Street to NE 8th Street. The major items of work include effort to remove the top two inches of existing pavement, perform pavement repairs and then place a new layer of hot-mix-asphalt pavement and new pavement markings. 


Senior Project Engineer

Jim Grueber
(425) 445 9037

Public Works

City Engineer

Doug van Gelder
(425) 295 0626

Construction Information

The project is almost complete. Crews are finishing up work on pavement markings, and vehicle detection at signalized intersections. This work should be completed by Friday, May 19.

** All construction is weather dependent and the construction contractor will monitor the situation in the event weather impacts delay progress. **

Complete Construction Schedule by Work Phase

This project will run from March to June. The following is a general summary of the project schedule.

Mar 6th to Mar 10th: Preparation

Lowering manhole covers.

Mar 12 - Mar 24th: City Wide Traffic Counts

No work is occurring during this time to allow for city wide traffic counts that are used for comprehensive planning.

Mar 27th - April 6th: Pavement Grinding

Removing the top layer of hot-mix-asphalt pavement.

Apr 7th - April 14th: Hot-Mix-Asphalt

Pavement repairs and placing the new layer of hot-mix-asphalt pavement.

Apr 18th - June 2nd: Traffic Items

Installing new in-pavement vehicle detection loops, adjusting manholes covers, placing pavement markings and traffic curbs.

Detailed Description

The following is a daily description of work activities. This order of work could be adjusted at any time to accommodate weather or unforeseen circumstances.

Time of Work

9:00 am to 3:30 pm: These are hours of work requiring lane closures for most days of work with significant impacts to traffic, additional hours of work may extend from 7am to 5pm.

Traffic Control

There will be various work zones set up throughout the project. Flaggers and uniformed police officers will be stationed throughout the project to assist with traffic control. There will not be enough room for u-turns in the work zones so drivers wanting to turn around will need to travel to the next traffic signal outside of the work zone.

Intersection and Driveway Access

Most of the time, driveways and intersections will remain open. Depending on the location, flaggers may be stationed to assist with driveway access. There will be short duration closures when work is occurring at driveways or intersections. These closures are expected to last no longer than 15 minutes.

Bus Routes

Bus routes are open during construction. However, there are times where bus stops in the work zones may need to be moved or closed due to proximity of the construction work.

Project Funding

The project is fully funded by a National Highway Performance Program federal grant. The cost for this project is approximately $1.8 million.