Sammamish Town Center Brownstones East (PSUB2019-00563)


The Sammamish Town Center Brownstones East is a 4.95 acre project site in the southwest quadrant of the City of Sammamish’s Town Center Sub-Area.  The applicant is proposing to create 34 multi-family (townhouse) lots on property zoned TC-A-1, along with a network of streets. The townhouse lots created by this plat will create a suitable transition to the apartments and commercial uses proposed for the rest of the TC-A1 zone to the east.

UZDP Map.png



A preliminary subdivision is a division of land into ten or more lots, tracts or parcels for the purpose of sale, lease or transfer of ownership and is subject to a recommendation from the Director of Community Development to the Hearing Examiner. Preliminary decisions require a public hearing and a Hearing Examiner’s decision supported by written findings based on compliance with the Sammamish Municipal Code (SMC).



review status

Date Description Status
November 4, 2019 Application Materials Submitted Application under review for completeness
  Completeness Review  
  Notice of Application  
  Application Review  
  Notice of Recommendation, SEPA Threshold, and Public Hearing  
  Public Hearing  
  Notice of Hearing Examiners Decision  


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