Police Services Study

The City of Sammamish is currently in the process of developing a Police Services Study. The goal of this Study is to arrive at a long-term strategy for providing responsive, well-managed, effective and efficient law enforcement services that are reflective of community needs and priorities. This will be the first such study since the City incorporated in 1999. 

Scope of Work

Phase I - Review of Current Organizational Conditions (complete): 

This phase involved a compilation of current crime data and calls for service, interviews with stakeholders, shift meetings with police personnel, and a Virtual Town Hall survey. The consultant also performed an operations assessment, including a detailed analysis of the organizational structure, management capacity, scheduling, communication, performance measurement, use of technology and the impact of new laws and regulations. This first phase was summarized in an "Existing Conditions Report."

Phase II - Future Service Demand: 

In the second phase of work, the consulting team will evaluate crime trends, demographics, projected growth and other factors that could impact the future demand for law enforcement services. 

Phase III - Future Services Delivery Models: 

The third phase of the project will include an analysis and recommendations for future service delivery. This includes a "make vs. buy" comparison of the contract with the King County Sheriff's Office, in-house police operations and/or other partnership opportunities that may be available. 

Phase IV - Draft and Final Report: 

The final phase of the project will include a summarization of the key findings and recommendations from the prior phases of work. The report will look at the Department’s mission and guiding philosophy, recommend prioritized actions, provide implementation guidance, and suggest methods to track performance. A final "Police Services Study Report" containing specific and timebound guidance for implementation will be presented to the City Council for review and final adoption.




December 2018

Request for Proposals (RFP) released

March 2018

Contract with BERK Consulting approved

April 2018

Project kickoff with Council

July 2018

Project update to Council

August 2018

Existing Conditions Report complete

October 2018

Project update to Council

Project Documents

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