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Burglary Prevention Tips

Sammamish Police Department

Chief of Police

Steven Lysaght
(425) 295 0770

Sammamish Police Department

Police Executive Assistant

Alana Hall
(425) 295 0775

Sammamish was ranked as the 13th safest among 660 small cities in the U.S. by MoneyGeek. Sammamish has also been recognized multiple times as the Safest City in Washington by SafeWise. However, as part of a populated and growing region, Sammamish is not immune to crime. 

Wherever you live, it’s important to take steps to make your home less vulnerable to burglaries. Research shows if it takes more than 4-5 minutes to break into a home, most burglars will go elsewhere.

You can help prevent burglaries

Follow secure routines

  • Lock the doors and windows and turn on the alarm systems as part of your routine.
  • Avoid posting on social media about vacation plans or expensive purchases.
  • Lock gates, garages, and sheds after each use.
  • Keep all doors and windows locked, even if you are just going out "for a minute." If a window is left open a few inches for ventilation, lock it to prevent someone from opening it more.
  • Keep lights on; appear to be home.

Prepare your home

The King County Sheriff’s Office offers a downloadable residential security survey. Print off the checklist and conduct your own home security assessment.

  • Secure your valuables in a safety deposit box or a secured bolted down safe at home.
  • Take pictures of jewelry to assist in recovery if found.
  • Mount cameras in front and rear of your home, high enough to be out of reach. 
  • Many insurance companies provide discounts for devices that make a home safer (e.g., deadbolt locks, window grates, and alarms). Check with your representative.

Be alert

  • Keep an eye out for suspicious activity around your neighborhood.
  • Call 911 if you see any suspicious persons or vehicles in your neighborhood.