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Sammamish Town Center (not licensed)

Human Services Grants

Department of Human Services

Senior Human Services Coordinator

Rita Badh
(425) 295 0579

The application process for 2023-2024 grants is completed and all funds have been allocated. The next funding cycle will open in early 2024 for funding in 2025-2026. 

The City of Sammamish is committed to providing funding support to local nonprofit organizations. This is done to help ensure that Sammamish residents can access assistance they may need to survive and thrive. This may include help with:

  • food;
  • shelter;
  • utility bills;
  • medical or dental care;
  • legal issues;
  • counseling;
  • employment;
  • affordable child care; or
  • other services not listed here.

Every two years, the City solicits applications for Human Services Funding. The Human Services Commission reviews all applications and develops a funding recommendation for approval by the City Council.  

The City of Sammamish is a member of the Human Services Funders Collaborative (HSFC) along with 15 other King County cities. The HSFC opens the grant application process in the spring of every even-numbered year. Interested nonprofit providers may submit grant requests to any of the participating cities through a shared application portal.  Please visit HSFC website for additional information.