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Ogren Residential Development

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The applicant requests a Zoning Variance and Shoreline Variance to accommodate the development of a single family residence within the urban conservancy shoreline environment associated with Lake Sammamish and within the R-4 Zoning District. The proposal is for a 1,844 SF single family home located primarily within the eastern portion of the parcel. The home will include an attached deck. A zoning variance (ZVAR2015-00208) was requested to reduce the standard 10-foot street setback to a minimum of 1-foot in a single location to allow for the garage. The remainder of the home (including the second story above the garage) will be set back a minimum of 5 feet. Due to the severity of the site constraints, reasonable use of the property will still require the reduction of the standard shoreline setback through a shoreline variance (SVAR2015-00209). The shoreline setback within the Urban Conservancy shoreline environment is 50 feet and cannot be reduced (SMC and Thus, a shoreline variance is requested to reduce the setback beyond that allowed by code in order to obtain reasonable use of the property. The proposal includes a reduction in the setback to a minimum of 20-feet along a majority of the property. 

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