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2024 Parks, Recreation, and Open Space (PROS) Plan

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Parks and Recreation

Management Analyst

Janie Walzer
(425) 295 0640

Project Update

Virtual Public Meeting

Join us for a Virtual Public Meeting on 5/25/23 from 6pm-7:30pm on Zoom. Help us ensure our parks meet the needs of the community!

Meeting ID: 836 1519 9064
Passcode: 98075


The 2024 PROS Plan Update is now underway!  We’re in the early planning stage to identify the community’s needs and priorities for parks, recreation facilities, and programs. You can play a part in that by taking our survey. Please click on the links below take our survey; we would love to hear from you!

English survey

Spanish Survey

Chinese survey

Hindi survey

How can you get involved?

In addition to taking our survey, you can learn more and provide your input in several ways:

  • Follow us on social media
  • Visit our PROS Plan table at our Earth Day Event on April 22 at Beaver Lake Park
  • Visit our PROS Plan table at our Rig-a-Palooza event on May 20 at Sammamish Commons
  • Look for us at other city events throughout the summer
  • Attend our virtual public meeting on May 25 to share your ideas and priorities – more information coming soon. Look for our postcard about the public meeting in your mailbox in mid-May.
  • Attend our in-person open house in September to help us refine the draft PRSO Plan – date TBD. Look for our postcard about the open house in late August-early September.

What is the PROS Plan?

The Parks, Recreation, and Open Space (PROS) Plan serves as a guiding document for Parks Staff. It provides specific goals, objectives, and recommendations for developing, conserving, and maintaining high-quality parks, trails, facilities, and programs across the City.

The Plan considers the park and recreation needs of residents city-wide through robust community engagement. It also provides updated inventories, demographic conditions, needs analysis, management considerations, and parks capital improvement plan.

The PROS Plan is a part of the City’s broader Comprehensive Plan and is consistent with the guidelines established by the Growth Management Act (GMA).

Why is the PROS Plan being updated?

The PROS Plan must be updated every six years for Sammamish to retain eligibility for state grants through the Washington State Recreation and Conservation Office (RCO). RCO administers a variety of outdoor recreation and conservation grant programs.

Sammamish's current PROS Plan was adopted in 2018. Sammamish must update the Plan in 2024 for the City to remain eligible for RCO funding opportunities.

Project Budget 

A total of $172,100 is allocated in the 2023-2024 Parks budget for the PROS Plan and is inclusive of all planning costs.

Project Timeline

Existing Conditions & Baseline Analysis (February – June 2023)

  • Review existing plans, demographics, and trends
  • Create an updated trail and amenity assessment

Community & Systems Need Assessment (March – August 2023)

  • Identify needs and gaps for park infrastructure, assessment of conditions, and benchmarks for level of service standards.
  • Initiate plan development

Priorities, Strategies, and Draft Plan Review (September – November 2023)

  • Compile analyses and recommendations
  • Conduct system inventory, needs assessment, goals, and implementation strategies
  • Prepare a prioritized and updated Parks Capital Improvement Plan

PROS Plan Review and Approval (December 2023)

  • Parks & Recreation Commission review
  • City Council review and approval

Project Documents

Existing Conditions & Baseline Analysis

  • Presentation #1: Agenda Bill and Presentation to Parks & Recreation Commission, February 1, 2023
Sunny day at one of Sammamish's lakes with children and adults enjoying the water.