Beaver Lake Management District

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To track environmental conditions at Beaver Lake and to promote actions and behaviors among area residents that will minimize negative impacts to the lake and its surrounding ecosystems.


  1. Monthly stream monitoring; annual stormwater quality monitoring sampling to assess development impacts; specific sampling as directed by the Board for unusual events or new concerns.
  2. Comprehensive lake monitoring in 2021 and 2026 to evaluate whole-lake water quality, with appropriate updates to the Lake Management Plan.
  3. Semi-annual newsletters and community outreach as directed by the Board.
  4. Administrative support, including facilitation of Board meetings and management of work program.
  5. Invasive plant management including a potential herbicide treatment plan for invasive aquatic plants within Beaver Lake (e.g. fragrant water lilies removal).


The current district was established by ordinance O2016-414 and is effective for ten (10) years, from the calendar year 2017 through 2026. Special assessments totaling $643,260 shall be collected over the life of the district to finance district activities.

Lake Management Districts (LMDs) are special purpose districts which are formed to fund a variety of lake protection or restoration activities. Beaver Lake Management Districts No. 1 and 2 were previously formed by public votes in 1995 and again in 2006 to support the implementation of key recommendations from the Beaver Lake Management Plan. The Executive-appointed advisory board approves expenditures and oversees the performance of the LMD's work program.

Role of the Advisory Board

The advisory board of the BLMD determines which projects and programs consistent with the wording of the resolution will be most beneficial to the lake, based on current conditions and the overarching goals of the LMD. Once the work program is determined, the City of Sammamish, acting upon the advice of the LMD Board, contracts with public agencies or private contractors to complete the work. The city also manages the LMD budget.


Name Role
Bassem Bejani Board Member
John Burdekin Board Member
Del Goehner Board Member
Heather Grassman Board Member
Joe McConnell Board Member
Chris Knutson King County Project Manager


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