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Beaver Lake Management District Advisory Board

Senior Stormwater Engineer

Toby Coenen
(425) 295 0567

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Beaver Lake in Sammamish covered in lilies, with evergreen trees and two-story house in the background.

Please visit the Beaver Lake information page hosted by King County and  select Beaver-2 on the drop-down menu.


The Beaver Lake Management District's (LMD) mission is:

  • To track environmental conditions at Beaver Lake; and
  • To promote actions and behaviors among area residents that will minimize negative impacts on the lake and its surrounding ecosystems.


  1. Monthly stream monitoring; annual stormwater quality monitoring sampling to assess development impacts; specific sampling as directed by the Board for unusual events or new concerns.
  2. Comprehensive lake monitoring in 2021 and 2026 to evaluate whole-lake water quality, with appropriate updates to the Lake Management Plan.
  3. Administrative support, including facilitation of Board meetings and management of work program.
  4. Invasive plant management including a potential herbicide treatment plan for invasive aquatic plants within Beaver Lake (e.g. fragrant water lilies removal).

Invasive Water Lily Treatment

Learn more about water lily removal.

Background and Special Assessment Information

The current district was established by ordinance, O2016-414 as stipulated under the resolution of intent to form R2016-669. The District is effective for ten (10) years, from 2017 through 2026. The appointed advisory board approves expenditures and oversees the performance of the work program.

Special Assessment Fees

A special assessment will be on your title report and described as "Lake Maintenance". These fees help maintain the quality and usability of Beaver Lake by funding annual activities listed above. 

  • Zone 1 (Beaver Lake Waterfront Properties): $306/year
  • Zone 2 (Non-lake frontage, within District boundaries): $31/year

ESCROW AGENTS: To learn whether an outstanding amount is due, please contact the King County Assessor's office at MAMS.LID@KINGCOUNTY.GOV. You may also call the special assessments phone number: 206-263-1893.

Advisory Board

Agenda, minutes, and other additional information related to the Advisory Board can be found on  CivicWeb.


The advisory board of the BLMD determines which projects and programs will be most beneficial to the lake. Projects and programs must be consistent with the wording of the resolution. Determinations are based on current conditions and the overarching goals of the LMD. The City of Sammamish contracts with public agencies or private contractors to complete the work program, acting upon the advice of the LMD Board. The city also manages the LMD budget.

Contact the Board! Email


  • VACANT, Position 1
  • Mark Stendal, Board Member (term ends 12/31/2026)
  • Curtis Betzler, Board Member (term ends 12/31/2026)
  • Ann Kruse, Board Member (term ends 12/31/2026)
  • John Burdekin, Board Member (term ends 12/31/2026)
  • Chris Knutson, King County Project Manager