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Sammamish Town Center (not licensed)

Planning Commission

Management Analyst

Evan Fischer
(425) 295 0632

Upcoming and Recent Meetings

Unable to retreive the list of upcoming meetings in this widget. Go directly to Sammamish's iCompass CivicWeb site.

The Planning Commission makes planning policy recommendations to the City Council and offers advice on development regulations. The Commissioners will also make recommendations on periodic adjustments to the City’s Comprehensive Plan.

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  • Hisham Elkhawad, Planning Commissioner – Position 1 (term ends 01/31/2028)
  • Mike Bresko, Planning Commissioner – Position 2 (term ends on 01/31/2028)
  • Seyed Safavian, Planning Commissioner - Position 3 (term ends 1/31/2027)
  • Sudharani Sunkara - Planning Commissioner - Position 4 (term ends 1/31/2027)
  • John Backman, Planning Commissioner - Position 5 (term ends 1/31/2025)
  • Mark Baughman Chair, Planning Commissioner - Position 6 (term ends 1/31/2026)
  • Ajay Chakrapani - Planning Commissioner – Position 7 (term ends 01/31/2026)
  • Hongning Wang - Sammamish Youth Board Member (term ends 04/30/2025)
  • Sabari Vairavan - Sammamish Youth Board Alternate (term ends 04/30/2025)

Meeting Materials

Please find the Planning Commission meeting agendas through the City of Sammamish CivicWeb portal.

Staff presentations and written public comment from previous meetings can be found in the Document Center under Supplemental Materials for Packet Items.