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Sammamish Town Center (not licensed)

Community Van

Mobility Hub Community Van - Share the ride with neighbors to destinations throughout the region. King Country Metro.

COVID-19 Update: This service is operating with safety measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

  • Masks on transit recommendedMasks are no longer required by King County Metro but are still strongly recommended.
  • Gloves are still provided.
  • There are partitions in place between the driver and riders.
  • The vehicles are sanitized after each use.

What is Community Van?

Community Van is a rideshare pilot program. It's been brought to Sammamish by King County Metro in partnership with the City of Sammamish. Its purpose is to provide community members with a new way to share rides.

This service promotes shared rides, either one-time or recurring, to popular destinations throughout the region.

Trips must be scheduled in advance through your Community Transportation Coordinator (CTC). Rides can be requested either by contacting your CTC or online.

five people standing with a community van vehicle, flashing thumbs up and smiling

How does it work?

  • Community members can travel together in King County Metro vans to local destinations throughout the day, evening, and weekend.
  • Riders fill out a trip request form or contact their CTC at least two business days in advance.
  • There is a two-passenger minimum on Community Van trips according to King County Metro's standard capacity requirements.
  • Each rider will pay a Metro one-zone fare for the round trip while the driver travels for free.
  • Accessible community vans are available upon request. Inform the CTC about your needs before your trip.

How do I pay?

Fares are round trip and are priced at one zone off-peak. See King County Metro fares.

  • Use the Transit GO App on your phone.
  • ORCA Card, if you have a monthly pass, NOT E-purse. Learn more about ORCA cards.
  • Human Service Ticket with the correct fare.
  • If you need assistance getting a ticket, please call (425) 295-0646.

Fill out this form and apply to be a volunteer driver for community van!

How do I become an approved driver?

Support your neighbors, and your community and help the environment by becoming a Community Van volunteer driver. You can choose which trips you drive and how many times you drive a week.

  1. Complete the King County Metro Driver Application form.
  2. You will be contacted by King County Metro and your CTC after your application has been received and reviewed. They will help you complete your driver orientation and get started.

now recruiting volunteer drivers - click to apply