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Sammamish SchoolPool

Children getting to school via walking, skateboarding, bicycling, and wheelchair.

SchoolPool is a way for cities and schools to make it safer, easier and more fun for families to get to school by walking, rolling, or carpooling. (Rolling includes biking, using a wheelchair, riding scooters, etc.)

Sammamish SchoolPool is a program in partnership between City of Sammamish, local schools, and King County Metro to carry out Safe Routes to School efforts and reduce traffic on our streets.

How to sign up for RideShare Online SchoolPool

(Currently only applicable to McAuliffe Elementary)
See step-by-step instructions with pictures.

  1. If your school is participating in SchoolPool, Register for a City of Sammamish SchoolPool account online. Alternatively, you may fill out a form and bring it to Sammamish City Hall.
  2. If you already have a RideShare Online account, you must make a new one to access SchoolPool.
  3. Once logged in, "Join School Network" in your dashboard. You will then be prompted to select your school.
  4. Enter the select Network Association Details related to your school. It will be a passcode distributed through your school. You will then be part of your school's network.

How to set up a carpool on RideShare Online SchoolPool

(Currently only applicable to McAuliffe Elementary)
See step-by-step instructions with pictures.

  1. Click "Add SchoolPool Trip" and enter your child and trip details including starting point, destination, occurrence, and time.
  2. Submit your SchoolPool Trip. You will then be able to contact other parents to make travel arrangements to and from school.

How to Get Involved in SchoolPool

Interested in routinely walking, biking, or carpooling to and/or from school with other families?

  • Connect with your school administration or PTA to see if your school is participating or to ask for school participation. The City of Sammamish will help facilitate the implementation of the program in new schools. You can contact Rose Weiker, Community Transportation Coordinator to help get your school started by email or calling (425) 295-0646. 
  • Once connected, help your school organize fun events like "Walk and Roll to School Day" or "Cocoa for Carpools" and promote safe, environmentally friendly ways to get to and from school.
  • Reach out to the City of Sammamish to create a network on Sammamish’s RideShare Online SchoolPool tool. This can assist you in joining an existing group or forming a new one. It’s a free, safe and secure web-based tool that matches student families at the same or nearby schools who wish to travel together by walking or biking in groups or carpooling.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a walking school bus?

A walking school bus is a walking group led by a parent volunteer. These groups can help increase visibility of students walking. A parent volunteer can help make sure everyone is practicing safe walking habits.

Learn more about walking school buses and how to start one.

Are parents checked for driving record, backgrounds, etc.?

No, the SchoolPool program just identifies families who may live near each other and are traveling to school around the same time. It is the responsibility of each family to discuss arrangements.

Is my information, or my child's information, made public?

No, only parents who are approved by school administrators are granted access to the website. The website is password protected and cannot be accessed by other users of icarpool or the general public.

At which Sammamish schools is this program available?

Currently the program is only available at McAuliffe Elementary. If your school is interested in participating in the program, please contact the City of Sammamish.

Where can I learn more about pedestrian safety?

Visit King County Metro’s SchoolPool website for more resources about how to travel to and from school safely, form safe routes to school coalitions, and other resources to support the trip to school:

Additional Resources

King County Metro Resources