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Big Rock Park Central

Park Amenities

  •  Drinking Fountain and Water Bottle Filler
  •  Play Structure
  •  Portable Restrooms
  •  Trails
  •  The Treehouse
  •  Reard House
  •  Heritage Garden
  •  Audio Boxes

Parks and Recreation

Administrative Assistant

Alisha Parks
(425) 295 0585

Big Rock Park Central is a 20-acre park located in the heart of Sammamish. The land that makes up Big Rock Park Central includes dense forest cover, open meadows, a stream in the north, and over 1.5 miles of meandering trails that navigate through the property and connect to Big Rock Park North.

Park Features

The park also hosts several unique features, such as the historic Reard House, a heritage garden, and The Treehouse.

Historic Reard House

The Sammamish Heritage Society has led restoration work on the Reard House. It is in the final stages of interior renovation work to open this historic house to the public.

For more information on the history of this house, please visit the Sammamish Heritage Society.

Heritage Garden

The Heritage Garden was built in partnership with the Sammamish Botanical Garden Society (SBGS) and is open during regular park hours. The 6,000 square foot garden was built by the City; the SBGS led the design and planting of the garden and will also lead volunteer efforts to maintain the garden.

The Treehouse

The Treehouse will be open for visitors four times per month from March through October. These dates and times are posted at The Treehouse webpage and are also posted at the park kiosk.

Audio Tour

As you walk the park's trails, enjoy stories about the park using the EcoBoxes located throughout the park.

Stop by and explore everything this park has to offer!

Park Hours

6:30 am - Dusk from April - September
7:30 am - Dusk from October - March

Parking lot gates are open from 8 am to 30 minutes after sunset.


Keep in mind parking is very limited; please prepare to park offsite due to limited space onsite. Here are some ways to visit the park:

From Big Rock North and walk the trails
21805 SE 8th Street

  • Parking 18 stalls
  • Distance 1/2 mile
  • Duration 15 minutes
  • Walking Route*
    BRP North 4 8 9 10 14
    BRP Central 17 18 14 11 10 7 6

From 221st

  • Parking 3 stalls
  • Distance 1/4 mile
  • Duration 5 minutes
  • Walking Route*
    BRP Central 16 18 14 11 10 7 6

Big Rock Central
1516 220th Ave SE

  • Parking 12 stalls



In 2010, Mary Pigott gifted three parcels located in the center of the city to the City of Sammamish.  This totaled 51 acres that were part of a phased land donation agreement (North, Central, and South).

The first parcel, Big Rock Park North, was transferred in 2011. After that, the City began work on a master plan for both Big Rock Park North and Central. The master plan was adopted by City Council in 2014.

Big Rock Park Central, the second of three parcels, was donated to the City in 2017. After concluding the first phase of improvements, the park opened to the community in late spring 2021.

The third and final parcel is in the master planning phase and will be Big Rock Park South.

Get a glimpse of Big Rock Park Central

Virtual Tour

Photos of Big Rock Park Central