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Sammamish Town Center (not licensed)
street with yellow lines and white arrows painted on it for traffic-control purposes

Citywide Road Marking Maintenance Program

The program's objective is to maintain existing road markings so they are visible in all weather and lighting conditions for all road users. Maintenance is mainly scheduled during the summer months because the work requires dry pavement and moderate air temperature.

There are two main types of road marking maintenance, described below:

Longitudinal Paint Markings

The City of Sammamish restripes longitudinal paint markings in the summer. This includes roadway centerlines, fog lines and lane lines. Clearly visible paint on streets allows all road users to avoid maneuvering into oncoming traffic. The city maintains over 60 miles of white edge lines and 20 miles of yellow centerlines.

How restriping works

During this process, paint trucks will have signage warning of wet paint and delays. The wet paint lines require between 30 seconds and 5 minutes to dry. Please be patient if you are driving behind a restriping crew to allow the paint to fully dry. Driving over paint while it is wet may cause it to track on your vehicle.

Please make sure vehicles are not parked on the fog line during the warmer months.

Which roads are restriped

The city determines roads in need for restriping each year based on:

  • Functional classification (Arterials vs. local roads)
  • Visual assessments
  • When the road was last re-striped

Thermoplastic Maintenance

The City of Sammamish refreshes thermoplastic markings throughout the city in the summer. Thermoplastic paint is mainly used for crosswalks, stop lines, arrows, and any wording or numerical markings on the pavement. Clear visibility of these road markings improves traffic safety.

There are over 300 marked crosswalks in the city. Clear visibility of these helps people walking safely cross roads.

Crews will have traffic control in place as needed. If you see a crew working on these markings, please be patient and use caution when driving around them.

worn white thermoplastic markings for a stop line and crosswalk striping at an intersection

Work Schedule

Road marking maintenance work is dependent on dry weather conditions. Road construction, pavement projects, and other road maintenance activities also impact the maintenance schedule.

Announcements of scheduled road work can be found on the city's Cone Zone webpage. Please also see the map below for the latest re-striping plan.