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School Zone Safety

The Reduced Speed School Zone Sign Flasher (SZF) is a high-visibility, automated system installed near designated school zones. Its purpose is to alert drivers to reduce their speed and exercise caution while passing through these areas during specified times. This electronic device serves as a reminder to all motorists that they are entering a school zone and should remain vigilant to ensure the well-being of our children.

School Zone: A Defined Area for School Safety

A school zone is a designated area in proximity to schools where special attention is required to ensure the safety of students and faculties. It starts from the signage which shows a highlighted “SCHOOL SPEED LIMIT 20”. The school zone ends at the sign which shows “END SCHOOL ZONE”. When the SZF is activated, all public roads within the area are considered as a school zone. It is also possible that a school has multiple school zones along the outskirts of its boundary. Drivers should pay close attention when entering the proximity of the school.

Recognizing School Zone Flashers

You'll easily spot the SZF as you approach designated school zones. It consists of a set of large, attention-grabbing signs equipped with high-intensity LED lights. These lights flash in a distinct pattern, ensuring they can be seen even from a distance.  When the flashers are on, it serves as a reminder to all drivers that they are entering a school zone, where increased vigilance is crucial for the safety of our children. By reducing speed and paying closer attention to their surroundings, drivers can help create a secure environment for students and pedestrians.

Speed Reduction for Safety

The School Zone Flasher plays a vital role in reducing speed within school zones when activated. The flashing lights act as a visual cue for drivers to slow down and exercise extra caution. This immediate and noticeable signal serves as a reminder that children may be present and that drivers need to be prepared to stop if necessary. When the SZF is off, motorists shall follow the posted speed limit accordingly.


A Safe Environment for Students to Grow

The School Zone Flasher is a collaborative effort between all the residents including the drivers, pedestrians, and our children. Together, let's prioritize the safety of our students and promote a culture of responsibility and care on our roads. By paying attention to the signage, reducing speed, and remaining attentive, we can create a safer environment for our students to learn and grow.