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Sammamish Town Center (not licensed)

2024 Transportation Master Plan

Public Works

Transportation Planner

Lindsey Channing
(425) 295 0647
Looking South: 228th Avenue Southeast & Issaquah-Pine Lake Road

The City of Sammamish’s first Transportation Master Plan (TMP) will shape the city for years to come by providing a strategic framework that will guide transportation decisions and investments for the next 20 years in support of the long-term vision for the city. The goals and policies in the Transportation Element of the City’s Comprehensive Plan serve as the foundation for the TMP and the four transportation goals include: supporting growth, providing greater options for mobility, ensuring safety, and sustainability. 

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The TMP will be adopted by reference into Volume 2 of the City’s Comprehensive Plan and will provide the framework for developing a multi-modal transportation network that will enhance greater connectivity within the city and to the region. The TMP will address existing and future conditions, roadway classifications, levels of service, transit and non-motorized modes, transportation system improvements, financing strategies, and concurrency management. It includes the technical basis for multi-modal transportation system development, and future improvement of transportation programs and facilities guided by the goals and polices in the Transportation Element of the City’s Comprehensive Plan. The TMP proposes a prioritized list of projects, programs, and strategies that advance the transportation vision and goals, meets Growth Management Act (GMA) requirements, and reflects input from the community.

Current Meeting Schedule

March 7, 2024 Planning Commission Presentation: Introduction to the TMP Completed
May 1, 2024 Parks Commission Presentation: Introduction to the TMP Completed
May 16, 2024 Planning Commission Presentation: Update on Progress of the TMP Completed
July 2, 2024 City Council Presentation: Introduction to the TMP Completed
July 18, 2024 Planning Commission Presentation: Draft TMP  
August 2024 Planning Commission Public Hearing & Recommendation to Council  
Fall 2024 City Council  Workshops & Public Hearing  
December 2024 City Council Adoption