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Sammamish Transit Plan

Public Works

Sr. Transportation Planning Manager

Doug Mclntyre
(425) 295 0628

The City of Sammamish is excited to begin work on the Sammamish Transit Plan!  Throughout 2023, the Project Team will be engaging with Sammamish residents and conducting technical analyses to identify ways to enhance our mobility within Sammamish and throughout the region.  This project is in its earliest stages, so continue to check back here for updates and be sure to sign up for email alerts using the button below!

The Sammamish Transit Plan will include service, capital, and policy components, each playing an important role in guiding future transportation investments that align with the community’s vision and goals.  All of this will be developed through a robust, collaborative process with stakeholders and the community.

The Project Team will engage with you and your neighbors in a variety of ways, including online, in-person, and in targeted groups. Your input will assist the Project Team in developing targeted strategies to improve transit services in Sammamish. 

Metro bus riders stand on crowded bus gripping the hand railing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the City working on a Transit Plan?

Transit plays an important role in addressing Sammamish’s future growth and challenges.  We need to better understand the opportunities and constraints associated with existing and future transit service to best plan for and implement transit improvements that will better serve more Sammamish residents.   The Transit Plan will help Sammamish achieve a multi-modal transportation system to safely and efficiently get you where you need to go.

What is a Transit Plan?

A transit plan is a comprehensive approach to understanding how transit serves residents and how it can be improved to meet current and future needs.  In Sammamish, the Transit Plan will have three main components, comprising transit service, capital projects, and policy.