Right-of-Way Use Permits

The city owns the property under, on and above the roadways and sidewalks, usually extending 10 to 20 feet beyond the roadway pavement. The right of way often extends well into what appears to be private property. Assets within the right of way may include the roadway, curb, gutter, sidewalks, vegetation, sewer and water lines, telephone, power and other utility infrastructure.

When is a Right of Way Use permit necessary?

The City requires a Right of Way (ROW) permit for any activity that disrupts traffic, restricts access or modifies any infrastructure within the right of way or for any private use of the public right of way. Examples include:
  • Replacement of, or modifications to, driveways
  • Placement of fences or rockeries in the right of way
  • Utility repairs, installation, and maintenance
  • Special Events and Parades (any type of non-construction event held in the Right-of-Way)
The Engineering Division of the Public Works Department can assist in the early stages of planning to help determine if a right of way use permit is necessary. It can also advise of any problems that may be encountered or revisions that may be needed to meet city codes or other regulations. If a permit is required for construction, please submit your application at least two weeks prior to your desired project start date.  For events in the ROW, please submit your application at least four weeks prior to your desired event date.

Note:  The City does not grant permission for temporary placement of dumpsters or moving pods/containers in the right of way, except under circumstances where there is no other placement option.

Digging more than a foot deep in the public right of way, even to plant a shrub, may encounter power lines or other utilities. In addition to the obvious life-safety concerns, there may be liability for damage to any utility encountered. CALL 8-1-1 BEFORE YOU DIG. It's the law.

Below is a list of the types of ROW permits:

  • Type A – Special Use Permit - Activity/Event in City ROW; No Charge
  • Type B – Construction Permit - Any non-franchise utility work performed within City ROW with a value of work < $5,000;$100.00 Fee
    Type B – Construction Permit - Any non-franchise utility work performed within City ROW with a value of work > $5,000; $496.00 Fee + $124/hour inspection fees (up front deposit required)
  • Type C – Utility Permit - All franchise utility work; $496.00 Fee + $124/hour inspection fees (all fees billable)
  • Type D - Right of Way Lease Permit - Long-term private benefit or use. (i.e. construction of fences, landscaping, private irrigation, sheds, private non-franchised utilities, and garage); $496.00 Fee + $124/hour inspection fees (up front deposit required plus negotiate lease payment)
To obtain a Right-of-Way use permit, please submit the application form below in person at City Hall.  Please review the ROW Permit Checklist to ensure your application is complete.

Who is responsible for maintenance of the sidewalk

Sammamish is different from many other jurisdictions in that it will maintain and repair all sidewalks. Please submit a Citizen Action Request to notify us of a sidewalk needing repair.

For complaints about items blocking the public ROW, see the Code Compliance Officer page.

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